What is Toy Time?

     Toy Time features hands-on, large scale versions of the most popular action folk toys from around the world with influences from early America and Appalachia folk life.  Try your hand at the "Jacob's Ladder," "Whimmy Diddle," "Pecking Chickens" or one of our many other interactive exhibits.  If you are up for a challenge, you can also try to complete one of our many large scale wooden puzzles.

​​ In addition to toys from the past, the museum also includes many present day hands-on exhibits that combine play and science.  Visitors can make beautiful music on the "Stringless" laser harp, build a paper helicopter and launch it in the "Flight Tube" or take a ride in the "Air Chair" that will let guest fly off the ground through the magic of science.

It's Time To Play!!

F​olk Toy & Science Museum